Flare is offering a list of products :

  • industrial safety uniforms ,Milatry Uniforms,
    Fire resistant uniforms

  • Sub Sonic Flare Tips, Sonic Flare Tips, AIR ASSISTED Flare Tips, Steam/Gas Assisted Flare Tips, Pilot/Flame Front Generator Ignition, Flare Stacks, Pilot Electronic Ignition and design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of flare systems and combustion related equipment for the Oil, Gas, Petro-chemical and Associated Process Industries.

  • Global Manufacturer of LED Lighting, Ex-plosion
    Proof Lighting & Ex-plosion proof Electrical Appliance

  • Duplex Pumps, Triplex Pumps, Direct Circulation Drilling Rig, Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig, DTH Drilling Rig, and Core Drilling Machine.

  • Steam Line,Plug Valves,Process Equipment, Strainers and Sight Glasses, Process Packages

  • Pipeline Pigs, Pig Indicator, Corrosion Coupon, Chemical Injection, Quick Opening Closure, Retieval Tool, Pig Launcher and Receiver, Cleaning Pig Accessories and DBB Valve.

  • They develop and manufacture seals, vibration control components, filters, nonwovens, surface treatment products, release agents, specialty lubricants. Swivel Joints and Ball Joints

  • ChampionX has Chemical Technology, Artificaial Lift Technology, Drilling Technology, Digital Control, Authomation and Optimization, Emissions Technology and Integrated Solutionsm

  • Liberty Lift has Beam Pumping Units, Cas Lift Systems and Hydraulic Jet Pumps.

  • Thompson Pump has Pumps, the CBM Pump, Pump Parts and the Accessories