Sucker Rod Pumping (SRP)

The oldest artificial Lift technique using positive displacement pump and producing at almost near to zero bottom hole pressures.
It’s said that where nothing works SRP make it possible.

– Surface Pumping Uni
– Control Cabinet
– Sucker Rod
– Oil Well Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

The artificial lift technique for high volumes for larger depths and for heavy oil environment.This technique has considerable tolerance to sand.

– PC Pump
– Drive head Rotating unit
– VFD Controller
– Power Engine
– Rod String
– Centralizers
– Torque Anchor
– Gas Separator
– Down hole sensor

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP)

For very high flow rates and very popular artificial lift techniques. It is also used as production enhancer for natural flow wells.

– VFD Controller
– Power Cable
– Motor Lead Extension
– Power Cable
– Gas Separation
– Pump
– Submersible Motor
– Protector
– Down Hole Sensor

Gas Lift

– Mandrels
– Gas Lift Valves
– Latch